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Idle Hands 

Are the Maker's Tools


Ya'll know what they say about idle hands?

Yeah, well, around here we think a little differently. 

My name is Jess, and I believe in the joy of creating. I found my way back to art as a way of slowing down my mind and keeping my hands busy. I've bounced from mosaics to furniture restoration, wood turning to knitting hats; I don't think I've met a craft I didn't like. I find a lot of freedom in the learning process and community around every craft I explore. While you're visiting, I hope you'll find a bit of joy and community here, too. 

I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina with my wife and two dogs. When I'm not out in the garage turning things on the lathe, I'm studying to be a teacher or playing frisbee with Bean. Some day I hope to run my own shop where I can create, teach, and share with others the unbridled joy of making something truly special. 

If you choose to support my little shop, you can rest assured that I source from local woodworkers and sawmills for all my raw materials. I use various natural finishing methods for both the longevity of the piece and for the health of your household. I believe in sustainable business practices, so all of our packaging material is either compostable or recyclable. If you ever have any concerns regarding my processes, I'm more than happy to chat. 

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